October 7, 2019

The Fives plaza hotel opened its doors to tourists and locals to celebrate the national holidays with the second edition of Mexican Mixology a magnificent event that brings together major brands of spirits, local mixologists and exquisite traditional Mexican food.

At the end of the afternoon of September 14, more than 20 stands of liquors and Mexican distillates met, where 1921 Tequila of course was present, in the company of one of our Ximena Rubí Mixólogas who prepared a delicious cocktail based of white tequila and damiana flower liquor, something unique for this great event.

Between piñatas, lights, typical sweets and a lot of Mexican food, a fascinating night was lived, with live music, exquisite cocktails, the traditional mariachi could not be missed, and to close with a flourish an incredible show of pyrotechnics that delighted the pupils of all guests. Definitely an event to remember all year, we are left with a very good taste and certainly great expectation awaiting its third edition.