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LAST UPDATE: November 22nd, 2019
In order to access this website, you must be of legal drinking age in your country of residence. Please abandon this website immediately if you are not of legal drinking age in your country or territory of residence or if you are in a country or territory in which is prohibited.

By accessing this website you accept the terms and conditions of use (Terms and conditions of use) which will be valid since the first time you access the website. Please read carefully the terms and conditions of use before entering and using a website, if you do not agree or accept, without limitations or reservations, the terms and conditions of use leave the website immediately.

Corporación Licorera 1910 S.A. de C.V. can modify this Terms and Conditions at any time by updating this publication. You can verify when this terms and conditions had been modified by referring to the LAST UPDATE section at the beginning of this document. The continuous use of this website will result in the acceptance of the terms and conditions in its latest version, if you do not agree you should interrupt the use of this website.

With the exception of Section 8 of this terms and conditions agreement, if there’s any discrepancy between the terms and conditions and specific dispositions appearing on the website, these terms and conditions will prevail.

1. Limited use.

The website is property of the company and operated by it, unless expressed on writing, the content of the website, including but not limited to brands, designs, logos, texts, images and audio and video files, are subject to copyright by the company and its associated companies (Company Owned Material). Company owned material is protected by Mexico’s legislation and other countries as well as by international treaties, particularly those laws related to copyright. You are not authorized to delete any warning regarding the legal property and copyright of the company owned material. You are also not authorized to publish, distribute, broadcast online or out of the grid, or use in any other way company owned material with commercial or public purposes without the written previous consent of the company. With accordance to the fulfillment of these terms and conditions, and only during the time the company allows you to use the website you can download from the website one (1) copy of any material for personal and non-commercial use, only if you accept to abide to any copyright notice or other restrictions included in that material or applicable to it, including any notice or restriction regarding the copyrights, trademark or attribution of authorship of the downloaded material.

2. Use of information/material.

You can print directly or thru a third party any information or downloadable material that becomes available thru the website only in the case that each and every of the following six conditions are met:

• That you make private use of the materials with no direct or indirect commercial purpose.
• Use the material for legal purposes
• That you don’t eliminate from the material or information any opyright notice or legal warning referring to copyright.
• That you don’t claim any rights regarding copyright or any other intellectual property right over the material or information.
• That you live in a country or territory in which alcohol consumption is legal
• That you have reached the legal drinking age according to the applicable laws in your country or territory of residence.

3. Limited Permission.

With exception of the limited permission to download and print determined material/information in this website for your personal and non-commercial use, you have no right over any of the company owned material, all the rights over this material is exclusive property of the company and they related companies.

4. Information obtained thru the Website.

Information available thru our website is regulated by the Privacy Policy and Company Security Declaration which can be consulted in [LINK] and these Terms and Conditions refer directly to those in the privacy Policy. You state and guarantee that all the information provided in reference to the use of the website is true, correct and complete and that you will keep and update the information if necessary in order to keep it true, correct and complete.

5. Registration; user name and passwords.

Is possible that every once in a while, access to some of the parts in this website is restricted to registered users. Every time that a registry process is applied, you might be required to register in the company in order to access specific areas of the website. In regards of such registry, we can deny and you won’t be able to use a username or email address that’s already in use or belongs to another person which could be understood as identity theft, that violates copyright laws or other person rights, that’s offensive or that we reject for any other reason under our criteria. You are responsible of safekeeping the password you use to access the website and agree to not reveal your username and password to a third party, nor borrowing or transfer in any way the use or access to the website. You are totally responsible of all the operations (including information transmitted in any other operation) and interactions with the website made with your username, you agree to report immediately the unauthorized use of your username and password or any other security breach related to your account to the company, you also agree to sign out or log out of your account in the website (if necessary) at the end of each session. We are not responsible of any loss or damage resulting of not complying with any of the obligations stablished above.

6. Code of Conduct.

We expect website users to respect applicable laws as well as rights and dignity of others. When using the website, you agree to observe all applicable laws, rules and regulations, also use of the website is subject to the rules and code of conduct established in this section, not complying with these rules will result in the interruption of your access to the website in accordance to Clause 15 (several dispositions).

You agree to avoid:

• Publish, transmit or make available thru any other means make available thru our website:
o Any information or material that is or might be or that its publishing, transmission or use is or might be considered: (a) threating, bullying, degrading, hateful, intimidating; (b) defamatory or injurious; (c) fraudulent or malicious; (d) obscene, indecent, pornographic or objectionable by any other reason; (e) protected by copyright, trademark, industrial secrecy, privacy or publicity rights or any other intellectual property rights; (f) that represents or promotes irresponsible alcohol consumption or (g) that promotes the practice of inadequate activities while or after alcohol consumption such as driving under the influence;
o Any material that originates civil or penal responsibility, that motivates unlawful behaviors resulting in misdemeanors or felonies or that promotes or provides educational information regarding illegal activities such as “hacking”, “cracking” or “phreaking”;
o Any virus, worm, troyan, easter egg, timebomb, spyware or any other code, file or software that would damage or invade or which purpose is to damage, substitute, incapacitate, interfere, affect or supervise the use of hardware, software or devices;
o Any publicity ad, promotional material, junk mail, spam, chained mail, pyramid scheme or non-authorized or requested investment opportunity, or any other ways of solicitation that is not previously and expressively authorized by the company;
o Any personal information about any other person which allows its identification with out this person consent;
o Any material or information of a non-public company without the proper authorization to do so.

• Use the website for fraudulent or illegal purposes.
• Use the website to slander, abusing, stalking, bully, threat or violate in any way legal rights of others including but not limited to privacy or publicity rights or gather and keep information about other website users.
• Impersonate any individual or entity, including but not limited to any company representative; forge or distort in any other way your affiliation with any other individual or entity in regards with your relationship with the website; or manifest in any way either implicit or not that we approve any statement made by you.
• Interfere or affect the website functionality, servers or networks used to make the website work; or violate the requirements, procedures, policies or rules of these networks.
• Restrict or deny the use of the website to other persons (e.g. by hacking or distorting any part of the website)
• Use the website for marketing purposes or offer the trade of products or services with any commercial purpose without the previous written consent of the company.
• Replicate, duplicate, copy, sale, resale, place links to or explode in any way with commercial purposes any part of the website, its use and access.
• Modify, adapt, translate, decode, decompile or disassemble any part of the website.
• Eliminate any warning regarding copyright, trademark or any other intellectual property rights that appears on the website or any material originated in the website.
• Create a data base thru the downloading and storage of the website’s content.
• Use any kind of robot, spider, website browser or any other manual or automated device to recover, index, scratch, data mining or any other form of gathering information from the website or to replicate or avoid the website structure without previous written consent from the company.

Also you agree and accept that you (and not the company) is liable in obtaining and keeping hardware, telecom services and devices, bandwidth and computers required to access and use the website as well as the payment of those services and equipments.

If the company gains knowledge of any published material or information, transmitted or made available thru any other means thru the website or in relation to the website which could result in the violation of this Terms and Conditions or any applicable law, norm or third party rights, included but not limited to emerging copyright laws or defamation prohibitions, slander, insults or intimacy invasion, the company has the right but not the obligation to remove or prohibit access to the information or material in affair.

7. Forums and submitted material.

The company might offer some functions thru the website that allow you to publish information, photographs and other public material (from now on “Forums”). The rules described in clause 6 will also apply to these forums. Also without the previous written consent of the company you are not allowed to use these forums for commercial purposes including products and services promotion and publicity and you cannot make use of these forums to request other visitors or website users to join, subscribe or register to any online commercial service or organization.

By sending or making information, photographs or any other materials available thru our forums or by other means thru the website (Submitted Material), you accept and agree that the submitted material will not be of your exclusive propriety nor confidential, will be available to the general public and used by the company without any restriction. You grant the company the worldwide, perpetual, royalty free, irrevocable, non-exclusive, multi-level, delegable and free of consideration right and permission to use, replicate, distribute (according to the multi-level model), adopt (which includes with out limitation to correct, modify, translate and reformat) create derivates, transmit, exhibit and execute publicly, execute digitally, do, delegate, sale, offer on sale and import any submitted material by any currently known or developed in the future media, with any purpose commercial or not. You hereby state and guarantee that you are lawful to grant the permissions described in this clause regarding each of the submitted materials and that the delivery of the submitted material thru the Forums or the website is in accordance with al applicable laws, norms and regulations. You also renounce irrevocably to any “moral right” or other rights regarding copyright or integrity of the submitted material that might correspond to you under all applicable legislation or any legal theory. This clause will remaing valid even after the extinction by any reason of these Terms and Conditions.

We reserve the right, under our exclusive criteria, of correcting any Submitted Material and of including or not this submitted material in Forums or other parts of the website. The forums inclide the opinions, statements and every other third party contents. We are not liable of fact check, supervision or verification of this content or its accuracy, reliability or copyright or any other law’s compliance. Opinions, statements or any other material made available to third parties thru forums or the website belong to those parties and not to the company and will not be endorsed by the company. We can eliminate objectionable statements or any other content from the website in any moment if we consider it prudent, please understand that is possible that the elimination or correction of the submitted material or any other material might not happen immediately.
You agree and accept that the company does not control the use (included but not limited to republishing) or the improper use by any third party of the information published willingly thru forums or any other part of the website and will not be held responsible of damages that may result.

8. Promotions.

Raffles, contests or similar promotions that we do thru this website could be regulated by specific rules established separately in these terms and conditions. By participating in any of these promotional activities (raffles, contest or similar) you agree to abide to these rules which might be different than the ones described in these terms and conditions. Please read applicable rules carefully, in case they are any, which you can access thru the link posted in the specific promotion and take close attention to the Privacy Policy and Guarantee Declaration which, additional to these Terms and Conditions will regulate any information you send related to these activities. In case of any difference between the terms and conditions in that set of rules and the ones described in this terms and conditions policy the terms and conditions of the set of rules will prevail.

9. Links to/from other websites.

Unless the company declares otherwise in the website, the company is not associated with the operators of any other third party website which may contain links to our website or the websites that you may access thru links in our website. The company willingly denies any liability for the reliability, content or availability of the information in third party websites that have links to our website or on the links you may access thru our website. We cannot guarantee your satisfaction with the products or services available thru these third party websites or the ones available thru links in our website since those websites belong and are operated by independent entities other than our company. We don’t endorse any of the products or services nor have taken any measures to confirm the veracity or reliability of the information available thru third party websites; we don’t create statements or guarantees over your information security (included but not limited to your payment method information or any other personal information) that you could provide or that may be requested to you from a third party, either thru their website or any other mean.


The company will have the right, at any time and by their exclusive criteria, to block links to the website thru technological means or any other kind without previous notice.

10. Liabilit discharge.

Even tough the company does everything in its power to ensure information appearing in the website is reliable, the company cannot guarantee that the material published in the website is true and complete. The company can modify published material in the website or the products and services described in it without previous notice. The published material in the website could be not updated and the company is not committed to update it. With the maximum reach allowed by the law, the company will provide you with the website over the basis that the company will exclude any kind of statements, guarantees, conditions and other terms (included but not limited to the conditions established by law).

If you acknowledge any non-authorized website alteration by a third party please contact us to our email address indicated in clause 16 (Contact) describing the indicated materials and the URL or website address in which those materials appear.

11. Liability limitation.

Subject to Clause 12 (Compensations), the company, any other person (related or not with the creation, production, maintenance or delivery of the website) and any of the subsidiaries or societies part of the group which the company belongs and their executives, directors, employees, stockholders or representatives, are not liable for loss or damage of any kind or amount that you or a third party might suffer (included but not limited to any direct loss or damage, indirect, punitive or mediated or loss of income, profits, commercial credit, information, contracts, money use, or loss and damage resulting or related with loss of earnings, either consequence of a civil unlawful, including guilt or in response of a contract or other mean) in relation with the website in any form or in relation with the use, inability of use or the consequences of using the website, any website linked to our website or the material included in those websites, included but not limited to loss or damage caused by virus that might infect your computer, software, data or other goods due to accessing, using or browsing the website or by downloading any material available thru the website or any other website linked to our website.

None of the dispositions established in these Terms and Conditions will limit the liability of the company due to: (i) death or physical injuries caused by proven fault of the company, its directors, managers, executives or representatives; (ii) fraud or false fraud statements; or (iii) any other responsibility that the applicable law won’t allow to exclude or limit.

12. Compensation.

You will compense, defend and free the company of any responsibility due to any kind of claim, action, demand, claim and resulting process related or consequence of the following (Claim): (a) the use, inability of use or activities related to the website; (b) any violation from you of these Terms and Conditions or any of the terms, conditions or policies established by the company in any website; (c) any operation; (d) any assertion about a Submitted Material or any other material that you might posted or made available thru our website that violates any copyright, trademark, privacy or any other rights from a third party; or (e) a violation from you of any of our website visitors, users or customers rights or any third party; which you accept to reimburse to the company, whenever is required, damages, costs, sentences, fees, fines and other expenses made (including the legal fees and court costs) as a result of any claim or claims.

13. Extinction and fulfillment.

You agree that the company, under its own criteria, could finalize your access or use of the website at any time and for any reason, even, without limitation, if the company has considered that you have violated or act differently to the terms and conditions established in this document (including but not limited the lack of observance to the code conduct in clauses 6 & 7 (Code of Conduct; Forums and Submitted Material beforehand). In such case, your right of use of the website will immediately extinguish. You agree that the extinction of your right to access or use the website could proceed without previous notice and that the company could deactivate or eliminate immediately the username and password used or provided by you and all the information and files associated to such username/password or prohibit the access to that information or files. You asgree that the company will not be held responsible in front of you or third parties due to the interruption of your access to the website or the mentioned information or files and will not be obliged to make that information or files available for you after that interruption. The company will reserve the right of taking whatever measures it considers necessary or adequate to fulfill and/or verify the compliance to these Terms and Conditions (including without limitation, in regards of any other legal process related to your use of the website and/or the claim from a third party that your use of the website is unlawful or against third party rights).

14. Applicable legislation.

These Terms and Conditions will comply with the laws of the United States or the country or territory in which you reside with disregard of your principles of conflict of interest. Any controversy related or emerging from these terms and conditions or the use (or inability of use) of the website will be solved by arbitration conducted under the arbitration rules of the International Commerce Chamber, by one or more designated arbitrators in compliance with those rules, with the modifications introduced by these Terms and Conditions. Under the arbitrator criteria he or she must perform in front of an audience, thru a teleconference or videoconference and not thru personal appearance. Any personal appearance requested by the arbitrator will be held in the United States or the country of the local entity. The arbitration procedures will be held in English or in the language spoken at the local entity’s country and will be always under strict confidentiality. The arbitrator’s decision will be base in the literal meaning of the documents and will be definite and binding. The award rendered by the arbitrators could be homologated and executed in any competent court. The foregoing dispositions will not impede the company to procure the dictation or a caution measure to protect its intellectual property rights (including the rights of their licensors), you accept to abide to the exclusive competence of the courts inside the jurisdiction where the company is constituted, renouncing to oppose any incompetence exception or lack of territorial jurisdiction in such courts.

15. Various Provisions.

In the assumption that any of the provisions in these Terms and Conditions could be considered illegal, invalid or unenforceable by any reason, such provision will be considered separable of those terms and conditions and would not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions. These terms and conditions will not constitute and should not be interpreted that constitute any kind of association, company’s transitory union, work, representative or franchise relationship between you and the company. You cannot cede, transfer or sublicense totally or partially your rights that come with the terms and conditions in this document without our written previous consent.

Dispensation by one of the parts whitin a violation or non-compliance of these terms and conditions will not mean dispensation of any violation or non-compliance prior or after. The headers, titles or captions in these Terms and Conditions are included for convenience and will not define or explain in any way a clause or provision. These terms and conditions, plus all the agreements and statements referred in this document and that will be included as reference will constitute a total agreement between you and the company in regards of the objects in these terms and conditions and, unless said otherwise, will replace any other agreement or understanding, either written or verbal, prior or posterior between you and the company regarding such object. If we need to notify you in any way we will do so thru posting a notice (or a link to a notice) in the website, thru electronic mail or post mail, under the company’s criteria. Without limitations you agree that a print version of these Terms and Conditions and any other notice as well as the electronic version will be admitted in a judicial or administrative process based or related to these terms and onditions in the same way and bonded to the same conditions that other documents and commercial files which were originally generated and kept in print.

16. Contact.

Should you have any questions regarding this website or these terms and conditions please contact us via electronic mail to contact@tequila1921.com. Keep in mind that electronic mail communications are not entirely secure so please do not include any information related to your bank card or any other payment method or any other confidential information in your email.
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United States

Claims of Copyright Infringement.

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 (the “DMCA”) provides recourse for copyright owners who believe that material appearing on the Internet infringes their rights under U.S. copyright law. If you believe in good faith that materials available on the Website infringe your copyright, you (or your agent) may send the Company a notice requesting that it remove the material or block access to it. If you believe in good faith that someone has wrongly filed a notice of copyright infringement against you, the DMCA permits you to send a counter-notice. Notices and counter-notices must meet the then-current statutory requirements imposed by the DMCA. See https://www.copyright.gov/ for details.

Notices and counter-notices should be sent to: 1921 Tequila Brands, attn: Blvd. Vicente Valtierra #7182 Int. 1 Col. Cañada de Alfaro, León, Guanajuato, México con CP. 37238 email: contact@tequila1921.com. We suggest that you consult your legal advisor before filing a notice or counter-notice.

Important Note to new Jersey Consumers.

If you are a consumer residing in New Jersey, the following provisions of this Terms of Use do not apply to you (and do not limit any rights that you may have) to the extent that they are unenforceable under New Jersey law: (a) in Section 12 above, the disclaimer of liability for any indirect, incidental, consequential, special, exemplary or punitive damages of any kind (for example, to the extent unenforceable under the New Jersey Punitive Damages Act, New Jersey Products Liability Act, New Jersey Uniform Commercial Code and New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act; (b) in Section 12 above, the limitation on liability for lost profits, loss of use, loss of data, loss of other intangibles, loss of security of information, or unauthorized interception of information (for example, to the extent unenforceable under the New Jersey Identity Theft Protection Act and New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act); (c) in Section 12 above, application of the limitations of liability to the recovery of damages that arise under contract, tort (including negligence) or any other theory (for example, to the extent such damages are recoverable by a consumer under New Jersey law, including the New Jersey Products Liability Act); (d) in Section 13 above, the requirement that you indemnify Company (for example, to the extent the scope of such indemnity is prohibited under New Jersey law); (e) in Section 15 above, the Kentucky governing law provision (for example, to the extent that your rights as a consumer residing in New Jersey are required to be governed by New Jersey law); and (f) in Section 15 above, the provision requiring claims or causes of action to be brought within one (1) year (for example, to the extent that New Jersey law provides consumers with a longer period in which to bring such an action).

California Transparency in Supply Chains Act

On January 1, 2012, the Transparency in Supply Chains Act came into effect which requires certain retailers and manufacturers doing business in California to publicly disclose their efforts, if any, to eradicate slavery and human trafficking from their supply chains.
We do not use any forced labor in our operations and we expect the same of our business partners and suppliers. Accordingly, all of our employees are charged with identifying and working with reputable suppliers that are committed to complying with all federal, state, and foreign laws regarding labor practices.

When we source from suppliers, we typically do so from suppliers located in the United States, and we typically do not engage suppliers from countries with an increased risk of human trafficking and slavery. We monitor supplier behavior and compliance to ensure that our suppliers meet our high standards. It is our policy to cease doing business with any supplier who participates in human trafficking or forced labor practices. If we discover a concern with one of our suppliers, we may require appropriate corrective action or terminate the relationship.

We have and are continuing to educate our employees who are involved in the procurement of goods and services about the Transparency in Supply Chains Act to guard against any use of forced labor in our supply chains.

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