Terms & Conditions

1921 Mayan Getaway




Contest consists of three stages.

3 semifinalists will receive:
1 Bartender kit.
1 Personalized apron.

3 semifinalists will receive:
1 Bartender kit.
1 Personalized apron.

3 semifinalists will receive:
1 Bartender kit.
1 Personalized apron.

1 winner will receive a 4 day & 3-night double trip to Riviera Maya, which will be regulated by the terms and conditions established in this document.


Starts: February 07, 2020
Ends: March 07, 2020
Results announcement: March 10, 2020

Starts: March 11, 2020
Ends: May 31, 2020
Results announcement: June 5, 2020

Starts: June 6, 2020
Ends: July 31, 2020
Results announcement: August 7, 2020

Each stage is limited to 500 participants, in the case of reaching that number prior to the end date 1921® Tequila will announce that stage participation is closed.

August 21, 2020

The 3 selected cocktails of each stage will be recreated by professional mixologists and evaluated by the 1921® experts judging panel in a Live Transmission, choosing the sole winner of the “1921® Mayan Getaway” contest which will win the grand prize.

Winner should contact “1921® TEQUILA”, (CORPORACIÓN LICORERA 1910, SA DE CV) at al mercadotecnia@tequila1921.com no later than 10 (ten) business days after the end of the contest and once the winner has been announced.

The grand prize will only be applicable between the months of September and October of 2020, the dates will be determined by the winner.


The responsible entity of the contest is CORPORACIÓN LICORERA 1910 SA DE CV., under the brand name of “1921® TEQUILA”, this contest is valid for legal US residents only and void wherever prohibited by law.


1921 Tequila invites all the cocktail aficionados, 21 years old and over that live in California and Texas, who enjoy creating and sharing histories thru their cocktails to participate! No experience needed; we’ll share our knowledge with you!

In order to participate you should:

Share your story with us thru an Instagram post with the following:

1. Follow @1921_tequila.
2. Tag in your post the person who would you like to invite to your Riviera Maya experience.
3. Make a cocktail (maximum 8 ingredients) with any of our 1921® products.
4. Post a quality photograph of the finished cocktail, along with the 1921® Tequila bottle or 1921® Tequila Cream you used.
5. In the post you must include the following information:
• Full name
• City and State of residence.
• Cocktail name.
• Cocktail recipe with any of 1921® products (8 ingredients max; sprays, aromas or flavorings are considered ingredients.) The use of any other brand of tequila will cause participation to be withdrawn.
• Preparation method
• Tells us the story behind your drink
• Use the following hashtags: #1921Tequila #1921Cream #1921Experience #1921MayanGetaway

• You must be 21 or over to participate.
• Valid goberment issued ID is required.
• Participation only for legal residents of California & Texas with valid passport.
• No external help can be received during cocktail presentation.
• Recipe must be original and creative.
• Cocktail must include either 1921 Tequila or 1921 Cream.
• No other tequila or cream brand must be added to the cocktail.
• Garnish and fragrances are considered as ingredients.
• Cocktail name must be related to your story.
• All ingredients must be listed, including the quantity of each (ounces, teaspoons, twigs, etc).
• Only one cocktail per participation per stasge is accepted.
• If your cocktail is not considered on the first elimination round you might participate with a different one on the following round.
• The use of drugs or psicotropics is prohibited.
• If you fail using any of the hashtags at the time of posting you will not be considered for participation.
• Participation is limited to the first 500 cocktails submitted that meet the selection criteria.


The use of inappropiate content in the image uploaded will result in participation withdrawn; content is considered innapropiate if:

• Partial or full nudity.
• Appeals to violence, considering any kind of harm including self inflicted wounds or wound inflicted to another as well as extreme violence situations.
• Innapropiate language, including abusive language, obscenity vulgar language.
• Promoting sale, use and abuse of drugs.
• Any reference to political or war propaganda, natural disasters or tragedies even if its not explicit in an image.
• Promoting or refering to other brands.
• Political and religious references.
• If the content goes against our brand core values.


The grand prize will be a trip to the winner and one companion under the following conditions:

Prize conditions: 4 days & 3 nights lodging in a hotel in Riviera Maya, once the winner is announced he or she will choose the dates preferred for the trip limited to September or October of 2020.

Prize includes round air transportation from the city of origin (or the closest airport to the city of residence) to Cancún, México and hotel-airport transportation.

CORPORACIÓN LICORERA 1910 SA DE CV thru its brand name “1921® TEQUILA”, will be responsible of giving the prize to the winner and its companion thru the email address and/or contact number provided by the winner at the moment of firts contact.

Prize includes:

A. Round trip, including flight connections if needed, from and to the airport closest to the winner’s city of residence to Cancún, Quintana Roo, México.
B. 4 day & 3 nights stay for the winner and its companion, both should be 21 or over by the time of participastion.
c. Breakfasts are included.
D. No personal transportation will be included outside of the ones scheduled, neither souvernirs or any additional expenses outside of the ones included in this Terms and Conditions
E. Transportation from city of residence to the airport and viceversa is not included, winner should cover those expenses by their own means and should meet at the time and place of their flight.


CORPORACIÓN LICORERA 1910 SA DE CV thru its brand name “1921® TEQUILA”, will send via email, in compliance with the selected dates by the winner, the complete activity schedule to the winner and its companion, this information is subject to changes without previous notice if its beyond control of CORPORACIÓN LICORERA 1910 SA DE CV.


Prize dates can only be scheduled in the months of September or October as established in this Terms and Conditions, once selected any changes requested to the schedule (flight or lodging) will be under the winner’s responsibility and any expenses resulting of these changes will be covered by the winner.


• This promotion is void wherever prohibited by law.
• One Cocktail Recipe per stage per contestant.
• If all hashtags are not used, participation with be withdrawn.
• Same Restrictions apply to any companion and must also hold a Valid Non-Expired Passport.

We will not discriminate and will take affirmative action measures to ensure against discrimination in any advertisement, promotions, and other conditions on the bases of race, color, gender, national origin, age, religion, creed, disability veteran’s status, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.

CORPORACIÓN LICORERA 1910 SA DE CV thru its brand name “1921® TEQUILA” reserves the right to verify ast any time that participants meet the elegibility conditions established in this terms and conditions, (including but not limited: i) legal drinking age, ii) promotion terms and conditions acceptance, etc) releasing the company of any obligation (including prize giving or any other) to any person that might participate or pretend to do so without meeting the elegibility conditions.

It’s required and necessary by anyone interested in participating in this contest that they know and meet the terms and conditions, limitations and restrictions included in this Terms and Conditions document, which will also be published in different media and our website https://tequila1921.com/mayan-getaway/

Participants accept and recognize that “1921® TEQUILA” brand name and logo are exclusive property of CORPORACIÓN LICORERA 1910 SA DE CV and using it in the participating media content will not grant any rights over these brands, registries and/ or intelectual property.

A. Benefits awarded to the winner of the 1921® MAYAN GETAWAY contest, in compliance with the prize section, will be only for the winner and its companion. In the event that the winner will not be able or would not prefer to receive the prize, this would not be transfer to another person or could be use for personal profit, including but not limited to resale or will not be exchanged for a different compensation.

In order to receive the prize, winner must show proof of valid Government issued ID proving its age and a valid non-expired passport to CORPORACIÓN LICORERA 1910 SA DE CV.

B. Prizes would not be exchange under any circumstance either for cash or any other prize.
C. In order to receive the prize, winner must sign a waiver and show valid government issued ID.
D. Transferring the prize for personal profit is prohibited.

6. CORPORACIÓN LICORERA 1910 SA DE CV Employees, former employees, its family or partners up to the second degree of kinship are forbidden to participate in this contest.

7. Prizes do not include any additional reward other than the ones established in detail in this terms and conditions.

8. The use of false information will void participation and winner will withdraw its prize.

9. CORPORACIÓN LICORERA 1910 SA DE CV will not be liable in the event of force majeure such as natural disasters, health contingency plan or any other that are not under direct control of the company; in the case of having such, a new date might be negotiated.

10. Those who not meet the required criteria established by CORPORACIÓN LICORERA 1910 SA DE CV, will not be considered as participants.

11. Contest ends on April 30 of 2020 at 23:59 Central Standard Time (CST) and the grand final will be held on May 15 2020, winner will be announced on that date thru the following:

i. Facebook® official fan page: www.facebook.com/1921 Tequila/
ii. Instagram® official account: @1921_tequila

12. Winners must contact CORPORACIÓN LICORERA 1910 SA DE CV., no more than 10 (ten) business days after the winner’s announcement.

13. Winner must hold proof of legal drinking age such as US government issued ID and Valid non-expired passport.

14. CORPORACIÓN LICORERA 1910 SA DE CV or “1921® TEQUILA” (including any business partner or collaborator) will not require or issue, at any time, permits in behalf of the winner and/or its companion for work, students or family, including waivers.

15. Winner and its companion must sign a health waiver that proves good health conditions.

16. Winner and its companion must participate in every activity organized and scheduled from the moment of announcement up to their return to the United States.

17. In the event of missing any of the scheduled flights CORPORACIÓN LICORERA 1910 SA DE CV nor any of its business partners will be liable and will not reimburse any amount consequence of this event neither to the winner or its companion.

18. Winner and its companion will not be able to modify the previously established schedule from their outbound flight until their return flight.

19. The prize dates will be agreed with the winner.

20. Winner and its companion must sign a delivery certificate in order to receive their prize.

21. The use of fake accounts or promote vote thru massive groups in either Facebook® or Instagram® will be disqualified.

22. Participation is void for:

• CORPORACIÓN LICORERA 1910 SA DE CV, employees, including its branches, business partners and subsidiaries, including up to second degree kinship of those employees.
• Any person next of kin or has an affinity relationship with employees of CORPORACIÓN LICORERA 1910 SA DE CV.
• Participation is limited to legal residents of the state of CALIFORNIA and TEXAS, participation is void for residents of the rest of the UNITED STATES.
• Those who not meet the participation conditions or fails to meet the regulations included in these terms and conditions or incurs in any of the elimination causes described.


The promotion is open specifically to legal residents of the states of California and Texas who:
• Are at least 21 years of age, or older and hold proof such as Government issued ID.
• Hold a Valid and Non-Expired Passport.

If winner or companion do not meet with the required documents for travel such as non-expired passport, work or family permits, etc.

Participants that either thru a comment, image or content incur in below:

A. Go against morals, good manners and public order.
B. Provide, share and/or promote negative, depictable or derogatory comments against CORPORACIÓN LICORERA 1910 SA DE CV.
C. Participate in public disorder, disturbances or act against local authorities or service providers from the moment of their departure at the origin airport until their return, including any of the activities and the dates included in the trip.
D. Not meeting the terms and conditions described in this document.
E. Who by its own will or under a third party incurs in fraudulent activities or behaviors that go against the nature of this contest and its basis. In the understanding that fraud includes but it’s not limited to the use of other applications different to the official participating ones; the use of tools to generate abuse in servers requests and all other behaviors that might result abusive and/or malicious.

Observation of any of above circumstances during the validity of the contest will result in the automatic disqualification of it and the loss of the prize in case of being the winner.

CORPORACIÓN LICORERA 1910 SA DE CV is not liable in the case of a mistake in the inputted data that may result in the inability to identify the winner and its companion.

As well is not liable for any loss, damage, theft or any other circumstance that might affect email communications.
CORPORACIÓN LICORERA 1910 SA DE CV reserves the right to proceed legally against those who incur in any act that might be considered as tampering or forgery.

CORPORACIÓN LICORERA 1910 SA DE CV will not be liable of loss and damage of any nature caused by the lack (either temporal or permanent) of availability or continuity of the services and platforms used for this contest, any fraudulent results that users might experience due to them and in particular, but not exclusively, to the failure of accessing websites or platforms and its responses.

CORPORACIÓN LICORERA 1910 SA DE CV. Reserves the right to push or extend contest dates as well as the interpretation of the legal basis described in this document.

Also, CORPORACIÓN LICORERA 1910 SA DE CV will not be liable if the situations expressed in this document should present as well as any damage and/or loss that might result during the trip dates.

Limitation of liability – Instagram®:

This contest is held thru Instagram®, therefore is important to establish:

A. User will release Instagram ® of any responsibility resulting in the participation of this contest since its exclusive creation of CORPORACIÓN LICORERA 1910 SA DE CV.
B. CORPORACIÓN LICORERA 1910 SA DE CV accepts and recognizes that the contest is not sponsored, endorsed, administrated or associated in any way to Instagram®.
C. CORPORACIÓN LICORERA 1910 SA DE CV will be responsible or personal data issued by the user as a result of its participation in the contest. Under this premise, CORPORACIÓN LICORERA 1910 SA DE CV accepts that Instagram® will not be responsible of any information received.


By participating in the contest, participants expressly and irrevocably authorize
a CORPORACIÓN LICORERA 1910 SA DE CV, and/or its subsidiaries or business partners to publish in any media they consider, without territorial limit, to fix, reproduce, spread its complete name (first and last), country and city of origin, photographs and/or image use, video or voice, and in general any data that might be required due to the participation and diffusion of this contest, renouncing expressly and irrevocably since the acceptance of this terms and conditions, to any type of economic compensation, royalties, remuneration or retribution for its use, in the event that its used for publicity and diffusion purposes in compliance with valid regulatory laws, under that premise, the authorization is granted thru the acceptance of the participation terms and conditions by the contestant.

Under this act, contestants renounce to any type of economic compensation, royalties, remuneration or retribution and authorize CORPORACIÓN LICORERA 1910 SA DE CV thru its brand name “1921® TEQUILA”, and its subsidiaries and/or business partners to post, publish, reproduce, pin or promote thru any media, either physical or electronic, known or yet to be known, included but not limited to social media, all the media content submitted during their participation in this contest.


CORPORACIÓN LICORERA 1910 SA DE CV might cancel, at any time, the contest or the delivery of the prize without any responsibility, in the event that this cancellation results from any authority request as well as under acts of God or force majeure or events that might affect CORPORACIÓN LICORERA 1910 SA DE CV interests.

If due to causes not related to CORPORACIÓN LICORERA 1910 SA DE CV. the prize’s claim is suspended, modified, altered or by any way winners are incapable of enjoying the prize, CORPORACIÓN LICORERA 1910 SA DE CV reserves the right of providing an additional prize either same or to the one the winner obtained.

In all cases, CORPORACIÓN LICORERA 1910 SA DE CV will publish thru printed media and/or the website https://tequila1921.com/mayan-getaway/ the reasons that endorse either decision mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Neither of the prizes are subject to any way of commercialization, including but not limited to sale, trade, lease, substitution or thru a monetary exchange.

CORPORACIÓN LICORERA 1910 SA DE CV liability ends at the moment the prize is delivered to the winners.

CORPORACIÓN LICORERA 1910 SA DE CV. will not be held responsible for the use that the winner gives to the prizes, neither for any judicial, extrajudicial or any other procedures resulting in the claim of any liability for the events that result from the prize delivery, as well as those related to the quality, damage and loss guarantees caused by the prize claim and use.

CORPORACIÓN LICORERA 1910 SA DE CV., will establish place and date or prize delivery, as long as the winner has complied to the terms and conditions of the contest and there are no irregularities in its participation.

The winner must follow every instruction and indication provided by CORPORACIÓN LICORERA 1910 SA DE CV., failing in its compliance will result in disqualification.

By participating in the contest, the contestant expressly accepts reading and understanding the terms and conditions and agrees to them.

CORPORACIÓN LICORERA 1910 SA DE CV reserves the right to modify or add annexes regarding the contest basis and prizes, under the understanding that these are justified and do not affect the contestants and are properly published thru the website https://tequila1921.com/en/mayan-getaway/


CORPORACIÓN LICORERA 1910 SA DE CV with address in Vicente Valtierra 7182 int 1, Col Cañada de Alfaro, CP 37238, León, Guanajuato, México; will manage your personal information with the purpose of administrating your participation in the contest described in this document, as well as the compliance with obligations resulting from any juridical and commercial relationship established by the supply of our services and with publicity, marketing or commercial purposes.

We will eliminate any non-essential information to the purposes of this agreement in order to guarantee the legitimacy of the information management . For further information please read our extended Privacy Notice in our website www.tequila1921.com.

CORPORACIÓN LICORERA 1910 SA DE CV will use your data and personal information with the sole purpose of managing your participation in our contest 1921® MAYAN GETAWAY!” and to fulfill the obligations obtained thru the supply of our services. For further information please read our extended Privacy Notice in our website www.tequila1921.com.

The acceptance of the prize results in the consent from the winners for CORPORACIÓN LICORERA 1910 SA DE CV and/or its business associates in this contest to use the personal information, in compliance with federal regulations, as well as to take photographs and use their personal image and/or voice without any kind of compensation thru printed media, publicity or any other means (including the internet) used by CORPORACIÓN LICORERA 1910 SA DE CV and/or its business associates in this contest

Once a winner is announced, the contest organizer, executive and collaborators, will be authorized to communicate the identity of the winners, in any way they consider necessary, safekeeping any personal information in compliance with applicable Personal Data Protection regulations. However, if the participants and winners expressly agrees by writing, this information may be published.

Participation content or photograph could be shared thru any social media or digital media including internet, in the same terms posts, tags and comments in Facebook® or Instagram®, are included, in the understanding that the contestant accepts this conditions since the beginning of their participation in the contest.


For further information related to this contest please visit https://tequila1921.com/mayan-getaway/

All information and participation guidelines will be published thru our website https://tequila1921.com/mayan-getaway/, it will be agreed that any person that direct or indirectly participates in the contest is aware and accepts completely these conditions, renouncing to the right of any claim or proceed with any action against CORPORACIÓN LICORERA 1910 SA DE CV.

CORPORACIÓN LICORERA 1910 SA DE CV reserves the right to deliver the prize and start, if necessary, legal actions that apply in the event of any irregularity along the contest, such as forgery, identity theft, tampered information, fraud or in general any misusage that might affect direct or indirectly CORPORACIÓN LICORERA 1910 SA DE CV.

This contest is subject to changes in compliance with federal or local applicable laws, or in the event of resolution by judicial or administrative authorities without previous notice to contestants or general public.

CORPORACIÓN LICORERA 1910 SA DE CV reserves the right to modify the guidelines and rules of this contest with previous notice thru the website

XVI. Guideline acceptance.

By participating in the contest, you agree to the guidelines and rules expressed in this document, not accepting totally or partially these basis will result in participants exclusion and CORPORACIÓN LICORERA 1910 SA DE CV will not be liable to fulfill its obligation towards the contestant.


All participants renounce to any civil, commercial, administrative, penal, labor or judicial lawsuit against CORPORACIÓN LICORERA 1910 SA DE CV, stockholders, representatives, executives, branches, subsidiaries and all the brands owned by the company. The contestants recognize and accept that this contest complies to applicable laws within the territory in which is held and renounce to their right to start a claim in a different jurisdiction.

This is not a shuffle; the prize delivery is based in the creativity of each of the contestants.

If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy or terms of use, please email use at contact@tequila1921.com.


Federal, state and local taxes, and all similar fees and assessments, are the responsibility of the Prize winner. Sponsor reserves the right to withhold taxes from the winning Prize, as appropriate. Sponsor will issue a form 1099-MISC for the Prize winner in the amount of the Prize.

Promotion entry constitutes permission for Sponsor to use entrants’ names and likenesses for advertising and promotional purposes without further compensation, where otherwise prohibited by law.


These Contest Rules shall be treated as though they were executed and performed in Mexico and shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Mexico (without regard to conflict of law principles). The parties hereby agree to arbitrate all claims that may arise under and/or relate to the Promotion and/or these Contest Rules. Without limiting the foregoing, should a dispute arise between the parties including, without limitation, any matter concerning the Promotion, the Prizes, the terms and conditions of these Contest Rules or the breach of same by any party hereto: (a) the parties agree to submit their dispute for resolution by arbitration before the Instituto Nacional del Consumidor in Mexico, in accordance with the then current Commercial Arbitration rules ; and (b) you agree to first commence a formal dispute proceeding by completing and submitting an Initial Dispute Notice which can be found here. The Released Party(ies) named in your Initial Dispute Notice (collectively, the “Named Parties”) may choose to provide you with a final written settlement offer after receiving your Initial Dispute Notice (“Final Settlement Offer”). If the applicable Named Party(ies) provide(s) you with a Final Settlement Offer and you do not accept it, or such Named Party(ies) cannot otherwise satisfactorily resolve your dispute and you wish to proceed, you must submit your dispute for resolution by arbitration before to the proper authority in your county of residence, by filing a separate Demand for Arbitration.

To the extent permitted by law, you agree that you will not bring, join or participate in any class action lawsuit as to any claim, dispute or controversy that you may have against any of the Released Parties. You agree to the entry of injunctive relief to stop such a lawsuit or to remove you as a participant in the suit. You agree to pay the attorney’s fees and court costs that any Released Party incurs in seeking such relief. This provision preventing you from bringing, joining or participating in class action lawsuits: (i) does not constitute a waiver of any of your rights or remedies to pursue a claim individually and not as a class action in binding arbitration as provided above; and (ii) is an independent agreement. You may opt-out of these dispute resolution provisions by providing written notice of your decision within thirty (30) days of the date that you first enter the Promotion.