Privacy Policy

LAST UPDATE: November 22nd, 2019
Each time you interact with us or our products in any way Corporación Licorera 1910 S.A. de C.V. gathers and uses (process) information about you (which will be referenced as “personal information”). This policy describes how this information is gathered, used, shared and protected, it also explains your rights in regards of this personal information and how you can get in touch with us.

Since this notice includes important information, we invite you to read it. Use the links provided to obtain detailed information and if there are any questions or doubts get in touch with us thru our email

In this privacy notice we describe:
• Who gathers your personal information
• Which information is gathered
• How we use this information
• How we share the information
• Other information gathered
• Your rights regarding this information


Corporación Licorera 1910 S.A. de C.V. in Mexico is responsible of gathering and processing your personal information depending on how you interact with us and where you are located.


In order for our services to be available for you or to meet certain legal obligations we need to gather and use some personal information, in the case that you don’t grant this information is possible that we cannot offer the products and services requested. Part of the information is gathered in person or thru a website, application or social media, however we might also get access to personal information thru other sources.
When we obtain information from you from different sources we can combine or link such information, this allows us to provide a better customer service experience whenever you get in contact with us and to provide custom made services, content and marketing.

We gather personal information when:

1. You access our products and services, including mobile apps.
2. Create an online account or profile in one of our platforms.
3. Participate in a prize promotion, giveaway or event.
4. Perform a search in our website.
5. Send your comments or participate in a survey.
6. Communicates with us thru our Social Media Platforms.
7. Gets in touch with us seeking for assistance.
8. Apply for a job.
9. Interacts with our social media posts.

We gather persona information about you which can include:

1. Name, date of birth and country of residence.
2. Contact information such as email address, telephone number and physical address.
3. Account details such as username, password and unique user ID.
4. Photo proof of your age.
5. Your feedback about products and services, information about your preference and consumer habits.
6. Marketing communicstion and cookies preferences.
7. Emplyment history and salary expectations.
8. Details of when you get in contact with us, including recordings of any telephone call.
9. Photos and video sent by you or obtained in one of our events.
10. Profile picture and information in social media.
11. Other person information, in the case any personal information regarding other person is revealed to our company or other service providers in regards of our products and services, you asseverate to have the authority for it and to allow us the use of such information in accordance to this privacy notice.

We also gather personal information from other sources:

• Social media information: when you login in any social media platform to get access to our products or services, you’ll share certain information regarding your account, for example, your name, email address, profile picture, contact list and any other information we can access or that you grant us when linking your account with our service account. The specific information transferred will depend on your security settings and your social media privacy policy.
• Business partners whenever they share information with us.
• Public data bases.


We use your personal information for legit commercial purposes as described below:

• Grant access to our products.
• Manage prize promotions, offers and events.
• Customer service.
• Expedite your orders.
• Send information regarding our products.
• Manage a job application.
• Our commercial purposes.
• Publish your comments.
• Security.

Grant access to our products:

We can use your personal information to allow you access to our products, events and mobile apps. For example, by granting access to a registered account; we could also use your personal information to send you administrative data, changes in our terms, conditions and policies. We will proceed with such activities in order to manage our contract relationship with you or to meet any legal requirement.

Manage prize promotions, offers and events:

We can do prize promotions, giveaways and other promotional offers, if you participate in one, we will use your information to manage such promotions and offers. If you are declared winner we might require additional information in order for you to receive the prize along with a physical copy of your identification card so we can verify your legal age and, if necessary, meet the eligibility criteria. Some of these promotions include additional regulations with information regarding how we will use and share this personal information, as well as managing our contract relationship with you.

Customer Service:

If you get in touch with us or vice versa, we will use your personal information such as your purchase information and contact history with the intention of providing assistance, answer any question and listen to complaints. We will proceed with such activities to manage our contract relationship with you, for our legitimate commercial purposes or to meet any legal requirement.

Expedite your orders:

We use your personal information to expedite your orders (including your compliance with the legal drinking age in your country), to receive payment of the products you have purchased, to ship the products you purchased or to expedite product returns or reimbursements. We can also use your data to protect you and identify any fraudulent transactions. We will proceed with such activities to manage our contract relationship with you or to meet any legal requirement.

Information delivery regarding our products (or products and services from third parties)

If you have requested marketing communication from us, is possible that we send information about our products, newsletters, promotions, offers or any other information we consider may be of your interest. We use this personal information to send marketing materials. These contacts will proceed either because we have a legitimate interest, or you allow us to do so.

We will try to meet with your demands as soon as possible. Please consider that, even if you decide to stop receiving marketing materials from us, we can still send you important administrative messages which you won’t stop receiving.

Our commercial purposes:

We use your personal information to fulfill our commercial purposes which include:

• Data analysis to improve our service efficiency.
• Revise the correct functionality of our internal processes and their compliance with legal, regulatory and contract requirements.
• Perform security and fraud detection controls in order to identify and stop cyberattacks or identity theft attempts.
• Develop new products and services
• Consider ways to improve, modify and boost our current products and services.
• Identify use trends to understand which parts of our services are of more interest from our users.
• Determine efficiency of our marketing campaigns to adapt them to the needs and interest or our users; and
• To perform and expand our commercial activities by understanding which parts of our services are of mayor interest to our users, so we can focus in meet their petitions.

We will proceed with such activities to manage our contract relationship with you, for our legitimate commercial purposes or to meet any legal requirement.


Whenever you submit a comment regarding one of our products, we will publish them in the correct store, in compliance to our comment’s normativity described in our Terms of use. This information will be public so avoid including any information that should remain confidential. For further information refer to our Terms of Use; your comments will be published with your consent at any time.


We can use the gathered information while supervising our web sites, online services and emails to protect you, our employees and business partners. This information might be shared with the police department or any competent authority. We will proceed with such activities to manage our contract relationship with you, for our legitimate commercial purposes or to meet any legal requirement.


We will share your personal information with your consent or if necessary to complete any transaction or provide a service that has been requested. As for now we don’t share any personal information with not affiliated third parties. The following categories are accepted addressees which we can share your information with:

• Other companies inside 1921 Corporate.
• Commercial transactions, legal purposes and law observance.
• When you share information.
Other companies inside 1921Corporate:
• We share your information with other companies inside 1921 Corporate to meet the purposes described in this Privacy Notice, this information will be used for products and services you request.
When you share personal information:
• In forums, chats, profiles, blogs and other services in which you can publish information and content (including, but not limited to, our social media profiles), be aware that any information published or shared thru this services will be public and could be available to other users and general public.
• Thru your social activities, when you login to your social media services, when sharing information with your friend list in such social media account and the supplier or such service. By this mean you authorize us to access this shared information and you are aware that the use of such information is regulated by the social media service provide privacy policy.

Commercial transactions, legal purposes and law observance:

We have a legitimate interest to reveal or transfer your personal information to third parties in the case of a restructuration, merge, sale, joint venture, cession or any other decision that might affect our company or a part of it, our assets or shares (including any action related to bankruptcy or similar procedures). These third parties might include buyers and their assessors
We could also share personal information to meet legal requirements (such as tax declaration); to reply government’s requests or any other public authority; to protect rights, privacy, security or propriety of 1921 Corporate, you and others; and to allow us look for available solutions or limit damage we can suffer. Legal requirements and government’s requests might include laws and authorities outside of your country of residence.

Other information we gather:

Us as well as our service providers are allowed to gather information that does not reveal your specific identity, or it not relates directly with an identifiable person (known as “other information”). Along this information you can include:

• Server registration files and environment variables.
• App use information.
• Information obtained thru cookies, pixel tags and other technologies.
• Demographics and other information you provide which does not reveal your specific identity.
• Information that has been combined in a way that it cannot relate to your specific identity.
In case we need to consider any other information as personal information in compliance with the law we can use it and reveal it with the purposes for which we use and revel personal information described in this policy.

Information can be obtained thru other ways including:

• Web browser or device:

o Server registry files. We use extended registry files compatible with W3C* whenever we register the activity of our web server in our servers, including IP Address (this number is assigned automatically by your internet service provider to your computer), device identifier, time and date of the request requested page, user agent, sender and values of the sent and received cookies. The server registry files are gathered and analyzed to obtain information about the user along with identifying problems and errors in the website performance. IP address gathering is a common practice in the internet and most of the websites do it automatically. *W3C is an international consortium that develops internet regulations, for further information visit
o Environmental variables. Us and our service providers can also gather certain environmental variables like the type of computer used (Windows or Mac), screen resolution, operative system version, make and model of the device, internet browser and version. These environmental variables are gathered by most of the web browsers and are used to optimize your experience in a website.

• By using one of our mobile apps.
• By the cookies
• By using pixel tags and similar technologies.
• Physical location
• Do not track signals

When you download and use any of our mobile apps, both us and our service providers can control and gather its use information such as date and time in which the app installed in your device access our servers and the information or files that you download to your device according to the number assigned to it.

Please refer to our Cookies Policy Política de cookies [link]

Us and our service providers can also use pixel tags, web beacons, clear GIFs or similar means (collectively known as pixel tags) linked with some websites and emails in HTML format to compile global statistics about website use and response rates. A pixel tag is an electronic image, commonly a single pixel (1x1) that usually is not visible to website visitors and can be related with cookies in visitor’s hard drives. When used in HTML format emails, pixel tags can inform the sender if the email has been open and when it was read.

Our websites can also offer information that include details about content you access and interact with. This is made thru 1921 Tequila websites and thru its follow up. We use cookies and other technologies to gather information about your device web browser, operative system, IP address, links you click on and websites you open, then this information is used to design tailor made promotions. To get more information please refer to our Cookies Policy. Personalized services are offered to you either because you grant us or we have a legitimate commercial purpose.

Analysis: We use Google Analytics, which uses CST (Cookies and similar technologies) to gather and analyze information about the use of our services and inform about activities and trends. Google Analytics could also gather information about other website use, apps and online resources, to obtain further information about Google’s methods visit If you want to opt out of this, download your browser’s Google Analytics exclusion add on at
We can gather the physical location of your device if you use a location-based service. Prior to gathering this information, you can allow or block your device location however doing so may result in us or our business partners not being able to offer you custom services and contents.
We currently don’t reply to web browser “Do not Track” signals.


We can use and share other information with any purpose, with exception of the time laws and regulations prohibit it. In some cases, we could combine personal information with other information, in this cases will treat combined information as such as long it remains combined.


You can request access to your personal information, modify or delete it. You can also request an electronic copy of your personal information and transfer it to another company (as long is approved by law). In each case is possible that we require you a proof of identity or additional information to identify your information, we will meet your request in compliance with the applicable laws.

• Access to your personal information
• Modify your personal information
• Delete your personal information
• Portability requests

Access to your personal information

You can view which personal information is saved and receive a detail explanation of how we process your data by filling our contact form.
Modify personal information
If you consider your personal information is not correct you have the right to inform us and request modifications. We will attend your requests in compliance of the applicable laws, in the case you require your personal data please contact us at
Delete your personal information
You can request your personal information to be deleted from our data base, if you don’t wish to receive any more promotional emails from us click here. In the case you wish to eliminate your personal data please send an email to
Portability requests
You can request your personal information to be transferred out of our data base by sending an email to


We take your personal information safety very seriously; in this section we describe our technologic practices to keep your information protected.

• How we protect your information?
• How we keep your information?
• International information transfers
• Technologic information use
• Service access to underage users

How we protect your information?

We have several security measures and tools like firewalls, to avoid loss, theft, misuse and alteration of your personal information under our control. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that data transmission thru the internet or the data storage system are 100% safe, please DO NOT send any confidential information to us.

How we keep your personal information?

We keep your personal information as long as we consider necessary or as long as it’s allowed considering the purpose of data collection and in compliance with applicable laws. The criteria we use to determine how much time we will keep information regarding payment methods and age verification information we include:

• The time we have kept a continuous relationship with you in which we have offer you our services (for example the time that you have keep and account open with us or using our services)
• If there’s a legal requirement that obliges us (for example certain laws requires us to keep record of your transactions for a specific time before deleting it)
• If tis advisable to keep information due to our legal position (like the applicable law according limitations, lawsuits or investigations)

Personal information international transfers

We can transfer your information to Casa 1921 in the US and other service providers that might be outside of the European Economical Space (EEE). In such circumstances we take proper measures to guarantee safe information keeping, which includes celebrating contracts with the information addressees to guarantee the proper security measures are applied in the keeping of your personal information. You can receive a copy of such measures by contacting us at

In some cases, courts, law enforcement agencies, regulatory agencies or security forces in other countries might have the right to access your personal information.

Underage user access to services

Our services are not fit to those that are currently under the legal drinking age of their country of residence. We do not gather information deliberately of such users.

Third party services

This privacy policy does not cover and we are not liable of privacy, information and other methods applied by third parties, including any website manager or service related to us. Including a link in those services does not mean 1921 Tequila approves such website or service.

Third party publicity

We use external advertising agencies to publish products and services that might be of your interest when you access and use 1921 Tequila services and other websites or online resources.

You might receive ads based in the information gathered by accessing services and other websites or online resources from any of your devices and thru the use that you make of them, as well as the information gathered thru third parties. These companies add or identify a specific cookie in your web browser (including the use of pixel tags). They also use these technologies along with the information they gather about your online habits to identify you in every device you use such as mobile phones or laptops. To receive further information about these methods and learn how to opt out of them visit y http://optout.networkadvertisi.... in your web browser or navigation apps in the device your accessing this Privacy Policy, you could also download the AppChoices app in your phone by visiting

Confidential personal information

We ask you not to reveal or send any confidential information (e.g. social security number, race or ethnicity, political stance or any other belief related information, biometrics, criminal record, health history or union affiliations) in any of our services or directly to us.


Is possible that we modify this privacy policy. The “LAST UPDATE” section at the beginning of this policy indicates its last revision date. Any changes are effective at the time we publish the revised Privacy Policy, using our services after these changes implicates acceptance of such privacy policy.


Corporación Licorera 1910 S.A. de C.V. is located in Blvd. Vicente Valtierra #7182 Int. 1 Col. Cañada de Alfaro, León, Guanajuato, México con CP. 37238, and is the company responsible of gathering, using and sharing your personal information in compliance of this Privacy Policy.

Should you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy please contact us via email at or by conventional mail at Blvd. Vicente Valtierra #7182 Int. 1 Col. Cañada de Alfaro, León, Guanajuato, México con CP. 37238.

Since email communication is not always reliable please do not include your credit card information or any other confidential information in the emails you send to us.


In the case you live inside the European Economical Space you could also:
• File a complaint thru a data protection agency in your country or region or a lawsuit for data protection law violation.

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The information included in this section is specific to our products and services in the United States.

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