The most popular tequila cocktail; according to historic records it was created in Baja on 1938, becoming very popular in San Diego around 1947 it turn into a people’s favorite forever. Citric fresh drink, with the agave notes that our 1921 Tequila Blanco brings to the cocktail it will be certainly one of the best versions of this classic you will try.
• 2 oz. 1921® Tequila Blanco
• 1 oz. Orange liquor
• 1 oz. Lime juice
• 0.5 oz. Simple syrup
• 1 Dash of lemon zest
1. Pour all liquid ingredients into the blender
2. Add ice
3. Blend till frozen
4. Add salt to the glass rim
5. Pour the mix into the glass with a spoon to make it even
6. Garnish and perfume with lemon zest
Created in the rocky streets of Tequila, Jaliso this simple, refreshing, salty and crisp drink has turn into a world’s favorite. With our 1921® Tequila Reposado you’ll get a complex drink full of chracter, perfect for those long nights with your friends.
• 2 oz. 1921® Tequila Reposado
• 0.75 oz. Lime juice
• 3 oz. Grapefruit soda
• 1 Pinch of salt
• 1 Dehydrated Grapefruit wedge
1. Add ice into the glass
2. Pour in tequila and lime juice
3. Mix with spoon
4. Top with grapefruit soda
5. Add pinch of salt
6. Garnish with dehydrated grapefruit
The perfect cocktail after a rough night; spicy flavor, revitalizing effect and complex texture our version includes 1921® Tequila Añejo which gives the drink a sophisticated flavor that any Bloody Mary lover will enjoy.
• 1.5 oz. 1921® Tequila Añejo
• 2 oz. Carrot Juice
• 0.5 oz. Celery bitter
• 1 Pinch Herbal Salt
• 3 Carrot strips
• 1 Dehydrated tomato
1. Fill glass with ice
2. Add ingredients into the shaker
3. Shake
4. Pour into the glass using double strain
5. Add pinch of herbs salt
6. Garnish with carrot strips and dehydrated tomato
This reimagined version of the milk cream and cocoa 1915 classic takes the cocktail to a new dimension by introducing our 1921 Crema de Tequila bringing richness and complexity to its texture. A romantic drink perfect for a rainy day or an interesting talk.
• 2 oz. 1921® Crema de Tequila
• 0.60 oz. Coffee liquor
• 0.5 oz. Orange Bitter
• 2 Dashes grated chocolate
1. Add liquid ingredients into shaker
2. Shake
3. Chill coupe with ice
4. Dispose ice
5. Pour mix into coupe
6. Grate chocolate over the coupe
Spicy aroma, creamy texture and exotic flavor. The delicate swetness of the agave flavor of our 1921® Crema de Tequila creates a delightful experience. With an asian twist this is a cocktail perfect as dessert.
• 2 oz. 1921® Crema de Tequila
• 0.25 oz. Herb liquor
• 1 oz. Natural Yoghurt
• 0.3 oz. Ginger zest
• 1 Dash ground nutmeg

1. Chill coupe and dispose ice
2. Add tequila cream, yoghurt and herb liquor to shaker
3. Shaker
4. Pour into coupe with strainer
5. Garnish with a strip of ginger zest
6. Sprinkle ground nutmeg
Light fruity cocktail, for a carefree afternoon in the outdoors. 1921® Tequila Blanco gives the drink a pleasant agave flavor without sacrificing the drink’s freshness.
• 2 oz. 1921® Tequila Blanco
• 3 oz. Pineapple juice
• 0.5 oz. Grenadine
• 1 Dehydrated pineapple wedge

1. Colocar hielo en vaso alto
2. Agregar Tequila y jugo de piña
3. Mezclar con cuchara
4. Agregar la granadina suavemente sin mezclar
5. Decorar con piña deshidratada