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December 4, 2019

Cinema is life, is art, is history, cinema is love…

The Tulum International Film Festival (FICTU 2019) is an institution with the mission of rescuing films from México’s cinema “Golden Age” and support films of those directors that use their passion to creat stories that will take you to incredible and magical places.

Wednesday December 4th marked the beginning of the Tulum International Film Festival (FICTU 2019) a list of 24 films was curated by Paula Chaurand for attendees to enjoy along the night. Some of the films that were projected are: “Ya no estoy Aquí” (Fernando Frías de la Parra), “Honeyland” (Tamara Kotevska & Ljubomir Stefanov) & “El Guardián de la Memoria” (Marcela Arteaga).

As usual, 1921® Tequila was invited to please the audience after the projections with cocktails prepared by our brand bartenders:

  • Abner Juarez
  • Salvador Zepeda
  • Sheila Zenteno
  • Ximena Rubí
  • Luis Felipe Vallejo
  • Nathanael Zavala

The bar service was held at Chechén Tulum and MINA who let us use their installations; the ambiance was fascinating since there’s nothing better than sharing your thoughts about a good film, its score, cinematography, acting and sound quality with other film lovers with a drink on your hand.

Ximena Sariñana closed the event with a concert under the stars presenting her top hits such as  “Cobare”, “TBT Forever”, “Si tú te vas” and “¿Qué tiene?”.

Cinema is culture and as such it must be promoted, that is why, to you my friend, who has enjoyed adventures in front of the silver screen, that fought wars and presenced the apocalypse, that visited other planets, that tried to be like a thousand different characters, that changed a party for a film projection, that experienced love and hate in less than two hours, that spent hours talking about something that not everyone understands and that know how tough it is to be in this world.

1921® Tequila thanks you, because as well as us, you are unique and you keep making history.