September 18, 2020

A sin took us to the culinary paradise of Evass Restaurant; a place where coffee, food and a warm and love driven service gather around to make any evening special. 

On september 12 we had the pleasure of participating in a 7 course dinner in Evass Rasurant. Culinary celebrities such as: Luis Quiroz, Danny Manzano, Irving Cano, Ignacio del Rio Mora, Enrique Blanco and Nayeli Martinez participated in this event; amongst them, mixologist Luis Felipe Vallejo from Único 20 87 had a special presentation along with 1921 Tequila Reposado and 1921 Tequila Cream.  

When the clock hit the 7:00 PM mark the culinary adventure started. The perfect lighting, live music and the parade of plates made an excellent enviroment for the diners to have a relaxed conversation on their tables while they waited for the next course.  

While the chefs were preparing each plate  diners were pampered with cocktails made by Luis Felipe, such incredible creations that included tequila, mezcal and henequen liquor were the dot in the I for the guests who were delighted once the last cocktail of the night, made with our delicious 1921® Tequila Cream, was prepared.  

“I believe the real experience is going further of what you think is the best…” -Sandra Plascencia (founder of Evass Restaurant) 

We thank Evass Restaurant for inviting us to their event “México de mis sabores” and its staff for their kind attentions.