Cookies Policy

LAST UPDATE: November 22 2019

This Cookies and similar technologies policy describes the different kind of cookies and similar technologies used in (the “website”). CST can be changed at any moment. Please refer to the “LAST REVISION DATE” in the header of this page to verify when was this CST Policy modified for the last time. Any changes made to the CST Policy will be valid at the moment it’s released to the public thru the website.
If you have any question please contact us at our email o send us a letter thru conventional mail at Blvd Vicente Valtierra #7182 Int 1. Cañada de Alfaro, León, Guanajuato, México, 37238.


Cookies are a standard in web sites which allow us to store little bits of data in your computer regarding your visit to our website. Cookies help us identify website areas that are useful and those that need improvement: in order to meet this goal, we also use similar technologies to cookies, like flash objects shared locally (also known as flash cookies) or pixel tags.

You can choose to accept the use of CSTs in general if you change your navigator configuration or if you change the specific configuration for the website (as indicated in section 3 of this CST Policy). However if you deactivate CST your browsing experience could be affected and some of the website’s characteristics might not work correctly.


Refer to below list to identify the kind of CSTs used in our website. As long as any information is gathered thru the use of cookies our Confidentiality Notice is applied and completed by this CST Policy.

Essential Cookies: Essential cookies allows you to navigate thru the website and use its services and characteristics. Without these completely necessary cookies the website would not work precisely for you as we would like it and it might not offer some services and characteristics.
Preference Cookies: Preference cookies gather information about your preferences and selections, they allow us to remember default language and other local settings and customize the website accordingly.

Analytic Cookies: Analytic cookies gather information about your website usage and allow us to improve its functionality. For example, analytic cookies show us which are the most frequently visited pages inside the website, register any difficulties you experience in the website and let us know if our marketing is effective or not. This allows us to identify general patterns of website usage instead of the usage made by one single person. We use information to analyze the website traffic, but we don’t examine it in a way we could obtain information regarding a single individual.

Google Analytics: Google, Inc. (“Google”) provides Google Analytics service. We use Google Analytics to gather anonymous statistics to improve the website. You can get more information regarding this practice in Google Analytics y la privacidad, and deny usage by downloading the navigator add-on Google Analytics Opt-out Browser add-on. We have taken the following measures to protect data gathered thru Google Analytics when used in the European Economical Space:

• We have signed an agreement of data management with Google in which we outline how Google could deal with data gathered thru Google Analytics;
• We have configured Google Analytics settings to mask the last octet in our users IP address;
• We have configured Google Analytics by blocking third party data share and
• We don’t use any other Google service along with Google Analytics.

Advertisement Cookies: We can also use advertisement cookies in our USA websites. Advertisement cookies are established to show ads or promos inside the website targeted thru your interests or to manage our publicity, these cookies gather information about your activities in this websites and others in order to provide you with targeted ads.

Pixel tags: Pixel tags (also known as web beacons and transparent GIFS) are used, among others, to track users actions in our website, measure the success of our marketing campaigns and gather statistics about Website Usage and response rates.

Navigator and Device Information: Some information is gathered thru most of the navigators or automatically thru your device, such as Media Access Control (MAC), kind of computer (Windows or Mac), screen resolution, name and version of your operative system, device model and manufacturer, language, kind and version of your web navigator and the name and version of the website you are using. We use this information to guarantee the website’s correct functionality.

Physical Location: We gather the device physical location thru, for example, the use of satellites, mobile phone towers or wifi signals. We use the physical location of your device to provide you services and content customized according to your location. We also share your device physical location along with the information about the ads you have seen and some other information we gather thru our marketing partners to provide you a more custom content and study the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. In some cases, you could allow or block the use and sharing of your device location but is possible that us and our marketing partners can’t offer you the services and custom contents accordingly.

Device Digital footprint archive: In order to offer you the content we consider interesting for you in accordance to your activity in the website, to apply fraud prevention and to authenticate we can also use similar technologies to cookies. For example, we can gather information about your device attributes and combine the information gathered by most of the navigators automatically thru your device to create an unique ID that identifies your navigator or device certainly enough with us. In this context we can gather, use and combine the following information:

• Number of visits
• Last visit
• First visit
• External IP Address
• Internal IP Address
• Screen resolution
• Geolocation (latitude/longitude according to the IP address)
• Device performance parameters
• Device bandwidth parameters
• Device user agent (web browser and version)
• Device capabilities
• Device Operative System
• Installed device complements
• Navigator language
• Flash activated or deactivated
• Device file time
• Keywords used if coming from a search engine
• Visited pages
• Visit duration
• Referal page
• Mouse pointer position
• Mouse clicks
• Scroll position in page


You can change no essential cookies and similar technologies in our websites thru the following link: You can also allow or block website cookies at any time if you activate this setting in your web browser. You can find further information about how to allow or block cookies in the Help menu of your web browser or in its website. Refer to to get more information about the more common web browsers, please consider that if you block cookies website will not be performing correctly.
If you wish to erase all cookies in your device you can visit any of below sites to download software that will allow you to erase tracking cookies that might be in your device: