EventsCATRINAS 2019 PLAYA DEL CARMEN - 1921 Tequila

November 3, 2019

“Somos Catrinas 2019” along with 1921® Tequila dedicated a day to remember those love ones who have gone to the “world of souls”. Altars, photographs, cempasúchil flores, sugar “calaveritas” and a tequila are part of celebrating this beautiful Mexican tradition.

Todas Somos Catrinas 2019 organized their 5th edition of “Catrinas” which 1921® Tequila sponsored the prizes for the winners, the event was held on November 16 of 2019 in the crossing of Av. Del Paraíso with Av. Lilis.

The participants kicked off the event by building their altar, they were no limits for their creativity so everything was possible. Cempasúchil flowers, white candles, palm tree leaves and figurines made of rice, beans and lentils crowded the streets.

While the first contest was ending, “Catrines” & “Catrinas” were ending their make-up and dressing session, hats with black and white veils in fine scarlet silk feed the mystery of who was the person hiding behind that silky curtain.

As the poet Andrés Henestrosa wrote:

“Don’t cry me, don’t, because if you cry I’ll suffer, on the other hand if you sing to me I’ll live forever and will never die…”

For 1921® Tequila traditions are extremely important, those are the things that make our mexican essence so attractive to the world.