Smooth coffee-based cocktail with agave flavor and herbal hints offered by 1921® Tequila Blanco, its delicate citric foam offers an interesting feeling in the palate. Recommended by baristas for young vibrant drinkers.
• 1.5 oz. 1921® Tequila Blanco
• 2 oz. Espresso
• 1 oz. Agave nectar
• 1 oz. Soda
• 2 oz. Orange foam
• 1 Orange peel
1. Chill wine coupe with ice and dispose
2. Add tequila, coffee and nectar into the shaker
3. Shake
4. Add ice into the coupe
5. Fill ¾ with soda
6. Top with orange foam
7. Aromatize and garnish with orange peel
Whipped, exotic and fresh cocktail with an almond horchata base and amaretto. 1921® Tequila reposado adds balance to the mix and coffee aroma from the top foam adds complexity and texture. Recommended for those in the look for delicate sweet flavors.
• 1.5 oz. 1921® Tequila Reposado
• 0.5 oz Amaretto
• 1 oz. Almond Horchata
• 2 oz. Coffee Foam
• 1 Dash almond powder
1. Add tequila, amaretto and the horchata into the shaker
2. Shake
3. Add ice to the glass
4. Pour into the glass using strainer
5. Top with coffee foam
6. Garnish with almond powder
Inspired in the centennial Negroni, this version adds traditional mexican Café de la Olla and 1921® Tequila Añejo resulting in a sophysticated drink, deliciously bitter and elegant to enjoy with our lifelong friends.
• 1 oz. 1921® Tequila Añejo
• 1 oz. Amaro Italiano
• 1 oz. Café de olla
• 1 Orange Peel
• 5 Cloves
1. Chill shaker with ice and dispose
2. Add liquid ingredients into the shaker & stir
3. Chill old fashioned/rocks glass with ice and dispose
4. Add ice
5. Pour mix into the glass
6. Garnish with orange and clove
Designed for those espresso coffee lovers that look for a strong and flavorful experience. Our 1921® Crema de Tequila adds the texture and our 1921® Tequila Reposado the strenght and character, a revitalizing digestive with a slight hazelnut finish. Suggested as a dessert drink by Baristas for those who are in the look for authentic flavors.
• 1 oz. 1921® Crema de Tequila
• 1 oz. 1921® Tequila Reposado
• 1.5 oz. Espresso Coffee
• 0.15 oz. Brine
• 5 Coffee beans
1. Agregar todos los ingredientes líquidos en el shaker
2. Mezclar enérgicamente
3. Agregar la mezcla en la copa usando colador
4. Decorar con ralladura de coco
1921® Tequila Cream based drink, this mix should be enjoyed hot; slightly spiced, aromatic and bohemian is ideal to have it while reading a book or conversing on a chilly evening. .
• 1.5 oz. 1921® Crema de Tequila
• 3 oz. Espresso coffee
• 1 oz. Whipped cream
• 2 tsp. Granulated sugar
• 2 Dashes spice mix (cinnamon, clove and nutmeg)
1. Calentar taza con agua caliente
2. Calentar Crema de Tequila y azúcar en la taza
3. Agregar café sin mezclar
4. Rellenar con Crema Chantilly
5. Decorar con 2 golpes de mezcla de especias