EventsART EXPO 2020 - MALA VECINDAD HOTEL - 1921 Tequila

February 29, 2020

The brush is the ideal tool for the painter that creates a masterpiece out of thin air. Mala Vecindad Hotel wanted to recognize this passion by with an art expo in its opening which was hosted by the talented Malu Matteo.

The hotel opened its doors at 8:00PM and let the attendees enjoyed their art expo at the terrace, they were able to appreciate the sublime masterpieces made by Malu Matteo.

A group of broadcast media reporters met at the art expo, among them Perla Ford, from Channel 10; photographers and local magazines reporters also assisted to interview the artist.

Those who attended the expo were pampered by Perla Ford who gave them some glasses of our famous 1921® Crema de Tequila which enchanted the attendance.

After a few hours of art appreciation and some drinks, the big moment arrived: Ethel Zapata and Malu Matteo held the scissors and cut the inaugural ribbon, marking the official opening of Hotel Mala Vecindad. As a token of our appreciation, we gave Malu a 1921® Tequila tote bag and a bottle of our award winning 1921® Tequila Reposado.

Malu couldn’t hide her happiness and gratefulness, with a contagious smile she captivated the people gathered in the terrace and while receiving her gift from our part, she couldn’t help to point out that the bag matched her dress.

Ethel Zapata & Felipe Mejía were fascinated by the flavor of our crema and share some comments with us:

Ethel: The cream is fantastic! I’m not a fan of strong liquors such as tequila or mezcal due to its intense flavor however this cream amazed me. I can fell the flavor of tequila but it’s just a nuance among the rest of the ingredients which gives a nice feeling in my palate.”

Felipe: Its flavor is smooth, I will compare it to Baileys, but this has Mexican essences. A pairing with this product will be amazing.

While everyone was enjoying themselves the hotel chef put some steaks on the grill while the waiters gave everyone a soda or flavored waters that rounded up this magnificent night.

Art is the expression of the profoundest thoughts in the simplest way…. – Albert Einstein

We would like to thank Perla Ford for her invitation to this marvelous experience as well as Malu Matteo and Ethel for their hospitality.

We hope to see you in more events because 1921® Tequila is not only Tequila, is art.