Competition1921® REVOLUCIONARIOS PLAYA DEL CARMEN - 2018 - 1921 Tequila

October 24, 201831

How was “Revolucionarios” born?

1921® Revolucionarios Playa del Carmen was created to commemorate the anniversary of the Mexican Revolutionary War and to promote the value of tequila as a Mexican spirit and its importance towards the end of the revolution. A series of hotels, restauratns and bars in Playa del Carmen hosted the different challenges in which love and passion for tequila was the main ingredient.

1921® Revolucionarios Playa del Carmen competitors faced the challenge of using tequila as the base ingredient of their cocktails, for some of them was tough however the more experienced ones had an easy task, being used to this kind of petitions from the guests at their home bar.

Once these talented bartenders started mixing their ingredients in the shaker, the background music started to fade, just like an orchestra director’s whip of the hand they moved their ingredients from one side to the other prior to mixing and serving their cocktail.

Manglar Magazine mentioned our battle held in Reina Roja Hotel in one of their editions:

On Sunday November 11 the 3rd battle of #RevolucionariosMixologyChallenge “Now is their turn” will be held in the Roof Top of Reina Roja Hotel at Playa del Carmen’s downtown 20th street between the 5th and 10th avenue. This is a mixology contest for bartenders; new talents behind the hotel bars and bars around town were invited to participate using Mexico’s most iconic spirit. #1921Tequila #1921LaCremadeMéxico #Manglarmagazine #tequila #conectandoesencia Manglar Magazine

Prego Playacar also shared some comments about our event:

A little more of what happen yesterday in our 4th Revolutionary Battle in Prego Playacar of course with our star of the night: La Crema de México and Tequila 1921 – Dochman Hernandez

The last stage of our contest ended at Tequila Barrel where the contestants gave everything behind the stick showing their flair skills, throwing techniques and eyecatching deco. Manglar Magazine once again captured the top moments of the event.

The grand finale of #RevolucionariosMixologyChallenge took place at Tequila Barrel, where young talents faced their last battle organized by 1921 Tequila, with one winner declared. Enjoy and relive this moment with our photos. – Manglar Magazine

1st Place – Eduardo Zarate

  • Spot to participate in Leyendas Masters.
  • 32” flat screen.
  • Bartender kit
  • 1921 Tequila Product kit

2nd Place – David Chan

  • Bartender kit
  • 1921 Tequila Product kit

3rd Place – Stanixlav Vezhe

  • 1921 Tequila Product kit

And destiny whispered: You can’t endure thru the storm.

And you whispered back: I’m the storm.

Keeping their head up wasn’t easy for them but their tenacity and drive helped them make history with 1921® Tequila.


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