Competition1921® REVOLUCIONARIOS CHALLENGE 2019 - 1921 Tequila

October 24, 2019

1921® Revolucionarios challenge 2019 was held at Zorro Plateado, a place that will always be remembered as the battle field where fearless mixologists proved their experience in the industry and faced each other for the title. This edition’s participants were:

  • Francisco Yam Tec Haven resort.
  • Eduardo Zarate Iberostar Paraíso
  • Francisco Javier Espinoza Arenas The Fives
  • Marco Iván Cabrera Mahekal
  • José Guadalupe Poot Noh Paradisus PdC
  • Edwin Mora Glez Paradisus PdC

Our judging panel was conformed by:

  • Alex Chi
  • Salvador Zepeda
  • Brandon Orozco
  • Luis Felipe Vallejo

As in a battlefield, each bartender took their place behind the bar like old soldiers in a trench. Shakers, strainers, jiggers, spoons and mashers were the weapons used in this fight. The judges, impressed by the passion and creativity of each of these “revolucionarios” had a tough decision when declaring a winner but at the end and after several discussion only one took the glory:

1° Eduardo Zarate

2° Francisco Espinoza

3° Alan Ruíz

A lot of learning cam out of 1921® Revolucionarios challenge 2019, the challenges were amazing and daring; as usual local media assisted the event, like Elite Magazine, and helped turn the night into a unique event.

World might tell you that you can’t, that you must stop, that your loosing time, that there’s someone better than you; 1921® Tequila tells you:

Don’t wait for anyone else to understand your journey, specially if they have never walked your path.