Competition1921® LEYENDAS TIJUANA CHRONICLES - 1921 Tequila

August 24, 2019

On August 23, 2019, was the date set for our 1921® Leyendas Tijuana Chronicles at Cereus Bar, 4 mixologist faced each other for a spot in our international competition: 1921® Leyendas Masters 2020.

The contestants were:

  • James Kelly
  • Manuel Cabada
  • Jazmín López
  • Efrén Duarte

Each of them showed off their skills behind the bar, combining their experience and creativity while preparing their drinks in a harmony of flavors and aromas that make you say: “There is nothing like the first sip!”

Jazmín López enchanted us with her confidence and inspiration while serving each of the ingredients in the shaker, just like a performance of “Swan Lake” she closed the curtain with the best act of the night; a cold glass with a fruity aroma, magnificent deco and a charming smile.

With the rhythm of the background music more cocktails kept coming and James Kelly would take over the bar with an oak style presence. He set the bar, prepared his garnishes, mixed and served in the glass seducing the audience with his cocktails.

Halfway thru the competition, Manuel Cabada impressed the judges with his shaker skills, oxygenating the mix with a growing technique he added 1921® Tequila Reposado with an artisanal mango syrup made in house and an orange slice as garnish. You were able to see the focus, passion and love put in his concoction with the sole purpose of making the drinker happy.

Along the competition you could see a star in the rise, with a shine that grew with each round, the young Efrén Duarte captivated the judges and the public with his smile. 1921® Tequila Añejo, grapefruit juice, artisanal in house made syrups and a dehydrated slice of grapefruit were enough to help him make his dreams come true.

The winners of this edition were

  • 1st: Efrén Duarte
  • 2nd: Manuel Cabada
  • 3rd: James Kelly

One can choose to go back toward safety or forward toward growth. Growth should be chosen again and again; fear must be overcome again and again. – Abraham Maslow

1921® Tequila thanks our contestants, our official venue Cereus Bar and the media involved in the event and appreciates their attentions to us. Thanks for keep making history with 1921® Tequila.