Competition1921® LEYENDAS MASTER UNICO 20°87° - 1921 Tequila

March 27, 20190

We kick off 2019 with our main event: 1921® LEYENDAS MASTER MIXOLOGY at UNICO 20°87° Hotel Riviera Maya. After a year in the lookout for the top mixologists thru our competitions, México, Argentina, Russia, USA and Italy were the countries participating in a world mixology giants battle:

  •         Gregorio Zanatta – México
  •         Bruno Lardelli – Argentina
  •         Eduardo Alei Zárate – México
  •         Stanixlav Vezhe – Rusia
  •         Aarón Meléndrez – Estados Unidos
  •         Carlos Proverbio – Italia
  •         Ximena Rubi – México

Carlo Proverbio impressed everyone with his technique and complex flavors from the amazing Italy when preparing a cocktail with a 1921 Tequila Añejo infused herbal tea served in a glass garnished with colorful flowers and covering the drink with a foam made out of a shake made by him. The cocktail had bold character, great aroma, excellent flavor and an incredible performance.

Argentina, represented by Bruno Lardelli couldn’t hold back, he delighted the judges with a cocktail including chocolate essences.  By mixing 1oz of 1921® Crema de Tequila and other flavors in a shaker and then serv it in a baseless martini glass inside a globe glass filled with ice and topped with a chocolate mousse and chocolate spheres.

Last but not least, Ximena Rubí made a magnificent presentation of her cocktail; using flamed orange slices and edible flowers to aromatize the glass, figs and nutmeg seeds to garnish and 1921® Crema de Tequila mixed with other liquors.

The contestants tagged us and share with their followers their experience thru social media.

“It was a great pleasure for me being part of Master Mixology 1921. They were techniques, knowledge, trends and on top of it a lot of passion.”– Daniel Villanueva Martinez (Facebook)

“#Carmencita #Favorite #higo #jarabedemiel #cardamomo #laviejaconfiable #téchai #bitters #1921 #cremadetequila #lacremademexico <3 I really love my job <3” – Ximena Rubí (Facebook)

The top 3 places in the competitions were:

1° Carlos Proverbio

2° Bruno Lardelli

3° Ximena Rubí

We are excited for our next 1921® Leyendas Master which we are sure will amaze us with new contestants, new places and new challenges.

Keep in mind that you won’t reach the top by surpassing the rest but only by surpassing yourself.

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