Competition1921® LEYENDAS - HOTEL DESIRE RIVIERA MAYA 2018 - 1921 Tequila

August 7, 20180

1921® Leyendas: Puerto Morelos second edition was held in the Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort on August 6th 2018, the legends selected to compete were:

  •         Sheila Zenteno
  •         Marco Iván Cabrera
  •         Eliu Salazar
  •         Alexis David Lugo
  •         Brandon Orozco
  •         Sergio Sixto
  •         Abdyas Ramos
  •         Luis Vallejo
  •         Alejandro Perez

The contestants prepared their cocktails using amazing techniques that impressed the judges, Luis Felipe Vallejo, who participated in the previous edition of 1921® Leyendas held in Vidanta Hotel, ignited the night with a round of cocktails including organic ingredients. He explained why those ingredients were selected and their influence in aroma, taste and texture once combined with our 1921® Tequila.

On the other hand Marco Iván, Eliu Salazar and Brandon Orozco owned the stick with their confidence and smiling while preparing their colorful cocktails which were so attractive we couldn’t wait to try them.

Sheila Zenteno wouldn’t stay back and once she was in the back of the bar she started organizing her mise en place, mixing the shaker and serving her cocktails to the judging panel, her confidence grew and she could perceive that both of her drinks “Jardín de María” and “Las Narváez” would be amongst the winners.

It was an incredible competition and for the judges it was tough to declare a winner since all of the participants used their best recipes but at the end only three would be named 1921® Leyendas.

The three winners were:

1° Sheila Zenteno – “Jardín de María” y “Las Narváez”

2° Luis Felipe Vallejo – “Petra y Justicia” y “Libertad”

3° Sergio Sixto – “1921” y “Tenex”

Our event didn’t end there, the executive chef or the resort prepared a delicious dinner for the participants and judges who took a chance to enjoy themselves after their huge effort while pampered by the excellent service of the resort staff, looking forward to the next competition.

For a legend they are no limits that impede its growth, its strengths and knowledge were acquired by great effort and struggle.

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