Competition1921® LEYENDAS CABO SAN LUCAS 2018 - 1921 Tequila

September 13, 20180

Last September 10th 2018, Cabo gave us a warm welcome with our competition 1921® Leyendas Cabo where Mexican mixologist would be facing each other to be declared a legend. Among friends, laughter and a little bit of anxiety the night view of the marina was the scenario set for beautiful and delicious creations.

Hosted by the Cabo Terminal, bartenders impressed with their combination of herbs, fruits and liquors which were served in a crystal cocoon as a drink that would take anyone who try it in a trip to a world of flavors reserved for a few. Tapas and dips were the perfect complement in this adventure thru flavors and textures.

With each edition of our competition series the commitment and the demand of perfection increases, this is why time, aroma, flavor, presentation and above all the passion put in each cocktail were so important.

Along with the cocktail mix, contestants served the judges with an amazing performance in which each of them shared the story behind their drink, the reason why it held the character and spirit that complemented flavor, texture, consistency and aroma of their concoction.

While drinks were passed along the judges, the decision was harder to make since each of the member of the panel had their favorite. By the end a winner of 1921® Leyendas Cabo was declared: Gregorio Zanatta

After another amazing night and an incredible effort from our participants we went back home with a thought expressed by one of the bartenders:

It’s not about how expensive are the elements conforming your cocktail is the love and passion put in creating it. 

We are certain that our next 1921® Leyendas will be bigger and greater because we don’t write history by ourselves, we do it together.

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