Competition1921® LEYENDAS BAJÍO 2019 - 1921 Tequila

October 11, 2019

1921® Leyendas “Bajío” was held at the Bajío Mixology Institute who witnessed battles that its students will never forget; amazed they were able to see professional bartenders and mixologists face each other using their top game and skills in flair, mixing and décor.

With the participation of some of the top players in the region:

  • Edgar Edwin Castillo
  • Antonio Moreno
  • Ricardo Cacique
  • Mario Vargas
  • Geovany Rodríguez
  • Saúl Gutiérrez

The only limit in this competition was the imagination, which is the ink that a mixologist uses to draw its cocktails.

Antonio Moreno shared this phrase with us while mixing his cocktails, one with 1921® Tequila and another one with 1921® Crema de Tequila and carefully placing each of the ingredients inside the shaker with a craftmanship only bartenders have. One of the people’s favorite was his cocktail based with 1921® Tequila Reposado, peach juice and artisanal syrups, served over rocks in a stainless steel cup and garnished with a rosemary leave that gave the cocktail a fresh aroma.

Geovany Rodríguez shared a color and flavorful show with his cocktail, a drink with 1921® Tequila Blanco, Campari bitter served over rocks in an Old Fashioned glass, topped with hibiscus foam, orange wedges and a caramel crystal above all, one of the eyecatchers of the night without any doubt.

By the end of the night the winners had been selected

1° Antonio Moreno

2° Saúl Gutiérrez

3° Edgar Edwin Castillo

Like we use to do in every of our articles, we would like to share a message to our community which has walked with us since the beginning of this history:

Don’t give up your dream just because you’re going on a different direction; remember they are different ways to get to the same destiny.