Competition1921® AROMAS 2018 - HOTEL XCARET - 1921 Tequila

December 18, 20180

What would be your answer if I invited you for a cup of coffee to keep the cold weather away? Now, what if I invited you to have a tequila with that coffee in a bar? That’s 1921® Aromas.

Only a few that have enjoyed the beauty of the aroma of coffee in the morning or at the evening while watching the night falling enjoy the delightfulness of the aromas and flavors that a cup of coffee with tequila have.

1921® Aromas is a contest in honor of the few that delight themselves with the flavor and aroma of a good coffee with the taste of high quality liquor; for those that look for relief to break the routine in the flavor of coffee.

Last December 18 of 2018, we kicked off this fantastic project in which we are looking to unite the best mixologists in the world  capable of creating the perfect combination between coffee and 1921® Tequila. We appreciate the support from Hotel Xcaret México to help us have this event in their venue.

Restaurants, Bars, Hotels & independent bartenders that participated:

  • Joshua Antonio Escobar Solana – Blue Bakery and Coffee
  • Daniel Nahuat Teh – Hyatt Ziva Cancún
  • Antonio Martínez Segura – Hotel Xcaret Mexico
  • Jose Guadalupe Perez Chacon – Di Lusso By Watch my Watch
  • Sinai Nashath Priego Cortes – Ah Cacao
  • Abner Juarez Lopez – Platinum Yucatán Princess
  • Salvador Zepeda – Hotel Xcaret
  • Carlos Becerra – Independent
  • José Ines – Independent
  • Noel C.

The vibe inside the bar was great, the lights, background music and deco made a subtle invitation to take a seat and enjoy a warm and aromatic coffee. Competitors showed their skills in front of a coffee maker while serving their concoctions.

The winners were:

1st Place – Sinaí Nashath Priego Cortes

2nd Place – Salvador Zepeda

3rd Place – Antonio Martínez Segura

Sinaí Nashath, was declared winner of our first 1921® Aromas competition, she took home a leather customized apron and briefcase with a bar kit, a 1921® Tequila product kit and some gifts courtesy of our sponsors.

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