Competition1921® ADELITAS CHALLENGE MIXOLOGY - 2019 - 1921 Tequila

October 27, 2019

The Fives Playa del Carmen Hotel was the official venue for our “pink month” contest 1921® Adelitas. The jury conformed by executives of Riviera Maya’s resorts and restaurants  graded the cocktails prepared by each barlady.

Ximena Rubi & Yazmín Avendaño winners in 2018 edition of 1921® Adelitas Mixology Challenge took a seat in the jurys table along with mixologist Salvador Zepeda, and captured the skills of each competitor.

Amongst fun and exciting challenges, the night witnessed the skills that each of the contestants showed, the finalist were eager to begin the battle. Irais Hernández, with her serious posture and proud of her accomplishments, hypnotized the assistants with her grace and delicassy at the moment of grabbing the shaker and picking each of the ingredients for her drink: a 1921® tequila Blanco based cocktail with blue curaçao, orange liquor and a blueberry rim which gave her the third place in the podium.

Valeria Quintana made herself home and as if she was writing poetry she took each of the ingredients that formed her concoction and gave us a beautiful show while curiously looking at ther shaker.

Rossy Baeza with her radiant smile unified in a drink flavors that fell on our toungues like leaves from a tree on autumn and aromas that evoke the spring breeze. Her winning cocktails left everyone smiling.

Winners and prizes:

  1. Rossy Baeza – $1500 MXP + Spot in Experiencia Bajío 1921®
  2. Valeria Quintana – $800 MXP + Spot in Experiencia Bajío 1921®
  3. Irais Hernandez – $500 MXP + Spot in Experiencia Bajío 1921®

Once again thru social media our contestants share the love and happiness of taking part in this competition.

I will always be grateful with every experience in my life, for each detail, for the support, if its for a little while or on a long term, everything is meaningful for me and like an it contributes to my learning process and life. Thanks @1921_Tequila for making me part of this beautiful event! 🍸💗

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