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Emiliano Zapata
1921 Tequila Añejo

Known for his famous phrase “It is better to die standing, than to live on your knees”, Emiliano Zapata is known as one of the most important military leaders of the Mexican Revolution. He was born to a humble peasant family, and as a very young boy suffered from despotism and exploitation. He commanded the Liberation Army of the South. His enlistment in the army was punishment for having kidnapped a young woman, with which he fathered two children. He was known for being very romantic, and eventually married Josefa Espejo. They had two children, the first named Felipe, who died tragically of a rattlesnake bite at the age of 5 and his sister Josefina 4 at the time, died a year later from a Scorpion sting. Zapata died in an ambush on April 10, 1919.

Emiliano Zapata is the image on our Tequila Añejo for being a Powerful Mexican Leader leaving his mark in national history.