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El Soldado Revolucionario
1921 Tequila Blanco

The Mexican revolutionary soldiers led very unique lives. They created a way of life that was based solely on the tireless effort in the fight for their ideals. Their main goal was to fight the enemy and defend the peasants that had been exploited throughout the years. When they left for battle, they were accompanied by their wives, children and their best friend, their horse. A faithful companion and witness to the heart wrenching battles they encountered. The soldiers would entertain themselves with women or by drinking good tequila to deal with the hardships. The end of the revolution marked the end of these brave, committed soldiers, infinitely Mexican.

The personality of the revolutionary soldier developed from infancy. In general, they were individuals born under very difficult circumstances that worked solely to put food on the table. This helped build strong character that enabled them to endure the long days and hours of the Mexican Revolution. As their destiny was uncertain, they would take advantage of the few tranquil moments to enjoy fiestas, time with their women and imbibe their vital fuel, tequila.

Our 1921 Tequila Blanco bears the image of the revolutionary soldier, those anonymous men of strong character that fought to defend their ideals and created a unique way of life, unmatched in history.